Business Travel Services

Provide an invitation to apply for a visa; Good hotel reservation, the most favorable air ticket reservation; Free pick-up service in Yiwu, Shanghai, and Hangzhou; We can also arrange shopping, tourism, etc; Provide complete translation services.

China Procurement

Guide you into the right market and find reliable suppliers and factories. Our translators will record detailed information and take product photos to help you negotiate prices with suppliers. Order and sample management; Production tracking; Product assembly services; China-wide procurement services

Inspection Service

We check all items one by one before delivery and take photos for your reference; The whole loading process shall be recorded to ensure the loading quality of each container. We can provide factory audits and on-site factory inspections.

Product design &Packaging & Photography

Have a professional design team; Provide any private packaging and design or artwork to our customers; Professional photography team, with high-quality product pictures, can be applied to product catalog and online display.

Logistics and Warehousing Services

Integrate and manage products from different suppliers; Support less container loading; Arrange door-to-door delivery by express, railway, sea, and air; Our freight forwarding partners have competitive freight and stable logistics timeliness.

Payment and Insurance Services

Provide flexible payment methods. Any payment methods T / T, L / C, D / P, D / A, and O / a can be provided according to our customers' needs.

Insurance services are also provided to meet the special needs of customers.

Market Research and Analysis

We can do market research and analysis for you to let you know which goods sell well in the market, what are new products, etc; We can develop a new project for your brand. Provide import and export consultation

Document Completeness


Financing Services

We provide financing services to customers with good credit reporting. We will conduct credit investigations on customers who are interested in participating in this project and will actively cooperate with customers with good credit information to provide financing services so that customers can invest in business at a low cost. When we conduct an investigation, we will also investigate the customer's sales network, sales capabilities, and growth potential. We will agree with the customer to prepay 30% of the advance payment, and the final payment will be paid within 2-3 months after shipment. The cost of investigating customers is about $200 each time, which is paid by the customer. For customers who participate in this project, we will charge an additional 1% of the total value as financing interest.


Document processing and customs clearance services

Prepare necessary import and export documents for our customers. Including contract, commercial invoice, packing list, original certificate, form a, price list issued by CCPIT, fumigation certificate, commodity inspection certificate, any other documents required by CNCA and customers."AA enterprise; credit export enterprise; customs clearance" green channel "Rare customs inspection rate; rapid customs clearance "

After-Sale Service

1. If the responsibility is on our side, we will bear all the responsibilities.

2. If the factory is responsible, we will bear all the responsibilities first, and then we will negotiate with the factory for settlement.

3. If the customer makes a mistake, we will try our best to help the customer solve it and reduce the loss of the customer.

For product damage / shortage / quality problem

1. Send customer pictures

2. Check the inspection report and loading picture

3. Make a settlement conclusion and time

When you are not in China, we can be your eyes and supervise and handle all Chinese affairs.

Send us product pictures or product links from anywhere, and we can provide you with a quick quotation




 Code of Ethics




Qetesh Group has the ambition to be the first choice of customers, suppliers and employees. The code of ethics indicates who we are and how we work by setting down the core values,

which should be at the basis of the  behaviour  of  Qetesh Group.  The conditions which have  been  laid down in the code of conduct, are based on our norms and values and apply to all acts of our company,and to the individual conduct  of  our  employees while  carrying  out  the  company  activities  of Qetesh Group.