Product Trending

Product Trending

Based on big data and former experience, we will select best-selling products and hot-selling products that meet the market

1. Describe the reception

Generally, our company will confirm the customer's products based on the three product information provided by the customer. They are: the name of the product, the shipping code of the product, and the picture of the product. Regardless of the kind given by the customer, our employees can quickly find the product that meets the customer's requirements.

2. Complete portrait

Based on our accumulated experience, we will lock in products from the following aspects: price, volume, packing quantity; material, size, color, shape, function, packaging, weight. If there are variants in some aspects of the product, we will promptly communicate with customers to determine the specific variants.


3. Product search

After we confirm the product image or part of the product image, we will quickly search for products and product tracking from our partner factories and supplier systems. Export product images quickly and completely, and based on the product images, we can quickly determine the product.

4. Shop around

We have a huge system of cooperative factories and suppliers, and we are also investigating and absorbing new high-quality factories and suppliers for cooperation every day. Whenever a customer needs to find a product, our company can find the product from the product library of many suppliers and factories. Our company will certify and compare all products that meet the requirements, communicate with different factories and suppliers, and obtain detailed product information.

5. Final confirmation

After our company obtains all the complete product information, we will quickly feedback to the customer, from all aspects of the product, including price, quality, delivery date, shelf life, and product portraits, we will communicate with the customer, and finally help the customer confirm satisfaction. The product. The customer experience of the whole process is efficient and professional.