Order Sorting and Price Confirmation

Order Sorting and Price Confirmation

We will provide customers with product price optimization services and the organization and classification of the entire order to ensure that customer orders are accurate

1. Order acceptance

We will accurately receive customer orders. Many times the customer's order is not given at once, and there will be many revisions in the middle, we will accurately record the customer's order.

2. Sample confirmation

After we receive the customer's order, we will confirm the product according to the elements of the product: price, volume, packing quantity; material, size, color, shape, function, packaging, and weight. And according to the confirmed product, find the corresponding sample for confirmation.

3. Order sorting

We will reorganize and supplement the order according to the confirmed products.

4. Element completion

For products with incomplete product elements provided by customers, we will sort out all the elements, confirm with customers, confirm the required products, and then supplement the elements of the product.

Alphabetized organizing filing system, close-up. Shot in studio with Phase One.

5. Price confirmation

Some products have different prices due to different origins, different production times, and different suppliers. We will confirm the most favorable price on the basis of ensuring that the product meets the requirements.

6. Order archive

We will record the steps of order confirmation in detail, and finally Baoding fixed-file order form.

7. Supplier storage

While we are looking for products, we will also screen and finalize different suppliers and archive them.