Order Confirm and Production Process Checking

Order Confirm and Production Process Checking

After the customer confirms the order, we will communicate with the supplier for the customer, confirm the order, supervise the order production, and ensure timely delivery

1. Order delivery

After the order is confirmed, we will promptly and accurately hand over the order with the supplier. Ensure that the supplier confirms all the attributes of the product.

2. Delivery confirmation

We will urge the supplier to confirm the delivery date as soon as possible. Coordinate the delivery dates of all suppliers so that the delivery dates of all products are within a reasonable range.


3. Product quality inspection

In the production process, we will first inspect the samples, and then we will conduct random inspections on the quality of the production links of the factory and the products whose production capacity is already in production. Ensure that products meet quality throughout the process.

4. Order follow-up

In the order production process, we will confirm the details of all aspects of the product with the supplier many times. Follow up the order as a whole to ensure the normal operation of the production process.

5. Emergency handling

Many times, product production will encounter various unexpected problems. When a problem occurs, we will organize the customer to communicate with the supplier as soon as possible to eliminate the problem and resume production.

6. Confirmation of multiple transportation modes

We have in-depth cooperation with many logistics companies. There are also various logistics modes. For B2C and B2B customers, we can provide high-quality shipping, air, rail, truck, and express delivery.

7. Confirmation of multiple transportation costs, optimization

After the customer confirms the transportation mode, we will conduct a horizontal comparison among a number of cooperative logistics providers, and select the logistics provider that best meets the requirements and has the most advantageous price.


8. Ship schedule confirmation and booking

After selecting the logistics provider, we will book the delivery date and the logistics route according to the production cycle as soon as possible to ensure that the goods are delivered to the destination as soon as possible after the quality inspection is completed.

9. Commodity inspection booking and follow-up

Many times, products sent to different countries require different product inspections and certifications. We are aware of all required commodity inspections and certifications, book in advance and complete as soon as possible, which greatly shortens the cycle and improves efficiency.