Goods Delivery and Quality Inspection

Goods Delivery and Quality Inspection

We will receive the goods for the customer, check the quantity and quality, mark all the details, to ensure that they are correct


1. Goods receiving

During the supplier stocking process, we will communicate with the supplier many times to determine the receiving location and time to ensure that the goods are delivered to our warehouse safely and accurately.

2. Cargo information confirmation, quantity confirmation

When receiving the goods, our warehouse management personnel will first verify the delivery order of the goods, and confirm that the goods information, supplier information, and quantity information on the delivery order are complete and correct. Then we will confirm the quantity of products in accordance with customer requirements.

3. Quality inspection

We will randomly inspect products according to customer requirements and proportionately. Starting from all elements of the product, we will conduct a full range of quality inspections on the products.

4. Packaging inspection, mark and firmness

We will conduct a detailed inspection of the inner packaging and outer packaging of the product. If the customer has special packaging, our company can test the special packaging. Our company also provides services such as repackaging and labeling. We will confirm the information of the mark. At the same time, we will also test the firmness of the packaging.

5. Take a photo of the product and keep a sample

We will take photos and videos of the products according to customer requirements, so that customers can confirm the products according to the pictures and videos. At the same time, we can keep samples according to customer needs, which is convenient for later analysis of samples, second order or improvement.

6. Confirmation of cargo storage location

Different products need to be placed in different positions when loading the cabinet. In the process of receiving goods, we will classify the different goods received in different storage locations based on our rich experience in the past.

7. Information sheet handover

After receiving the goods, we will sort out the receipt, including all product elements: price, volume, packing quantity; material, size, color, shape, function, packaging, weight. We will send the finished handover form to the customer for confirmation.

Forklift stuffing-unstuffing pallets of cargo to container on warehouse leveler dock.