EIME founder

Introduction of EIME founder

I’m Danny, from Yiwu China. I’m the founder of EIME, the most trustworthy Chinese sourcing expert, meeting the needs of all types of customers.

Now, China has become the world's commodity manufacturing center, most of the products in all aspects of people's lives come from China. Importing products from China is the wisest choice for business development. However, how to find suitable products,how to choose a reliable supplier, how to receive the goods smoothly, and how to ensure the safety of your property have always been a headache for importers. Many of our customers have suffered from these problems until they find EIME.


Like any self-made business story, I started my dream by carrying a travel bag which full of products I selected and came to Africa to participate in the exhibition by myself in June 2011 when I was just 23 years old. I am fortunate, maybe because of my sincerity, I got the first customer's approval. I cherish this opportunity very much and do my best to serve him. My friendship with this client has continued to this day.

Later, my customers gradually increased, and I started to establish a company and developed rapidly. From all by myself, till today, our company have more than 500 professional sourcing employees, serving more than 1,500 customers from 120 countries.

Since 2011, I have witnessed the trade exchanges and development between China and the world. I realized that not only traditional methods can help buyers, so in 2015, EIME also began to provide services to customers all over the world through Alibaba.com. And I am also fortunate to be one of the youngest gold professor and gold supplier on Alibaba.com.

Beginning in 2015, I began to look for a product supply chain in China that can provide safe and reliable service for customers. Until today, I have established a supply chain system with more than 10,000 supply factories. This system provides services to customers all over the world at all times.