EIME affiliate

EIME affiliate

We provide the following services: recommend for commission

If you know people who are interested in purchasing products from China, you are welcome to connect them with EIME purchasing through our recommended cooperation program. We will handle everything from there. Once your contact places an order with us and transfers money, you will receive a 1% commission on the total invoice value. We have a rapidly growing network of partners, and you can do the same through our EIME recommended partnership program.


1. You can recommend customers you know to our company, and our company will help them achieve business. While helping him expand his business, you will also receive commissions.

2. We will take the initiative to get in touch with the customers you recommend, obtain customer needs, and help customers complete their purchases. During this period, you will get the latest developments at every step.

3. After the customer completes the shipment, we will directly transfer the commission to your account. There is no limit to the number of referral customers, and all you need to do is referrals.