EIEM philosophy

Our slogan: EIME warriors of unity and hard work are invincible

Our values: trust, hard work, win-win, gratitude

Our vision: Based on China, vertically integrate the resources of the entire industry chain, and be the most advantageous channel brand supplier in China

Our mission: to provide global customers with leading products, services and solutions

Our promise:

Customer first, provide customers with desired products and services.

1. Respect others and maintain the company's image anytime and anywhere.

2. Smile in the face of complaints and grievances, and actively solve problems for customers at work.

3. In the process of communicating with customers, even if it is not your own responsibility, do not shy away. ...

4. Thinking of the problem from the customer's standpoint, and on the basis of adhering to the principles, ultimately achieve the satisfaction of both the customer and the company.

5. Have a sense of advanced service and take preventive measures.


Team assistance, sharing and sharing, ordinary people do extraordinary things.

1. Actively integrate into the team, prioritize your own work, not only do your own work, be willing to accept the help of colleagues, and be more willing to help others, and cooperate with the team to complete the company's work.

2. Actively express constructive opinions before decision-making, fully participate in team discussions, and resolutely implement after decision-making without any personal emotions. ...

3. Actively share business knowledge and experience. Take the initiative to give necessary help to colleagues. Good at using the power of the team to solve problems and difficulties. ...

4. Do not bring personal preferences into work, and fully embody the principle of "doing things without looking at people". To

5. Have the courage to be the "glue" of the team and actively spread positive energy.


Embrace change, embrace change, and be brave to innovate.

1. Take the initiative to meet the daily changes of the company without complaining. 2. Facing changes, treat them rationally, communicate fully, and cooperate sincerely. 3. Can self-adjust to the difficulties and setbacks caused by changes, and positively influence and motivate colleagues. 4. Have a forward-looking consciousness in work, establish new methods and new ideas. ...

5. Create changes and bring breakthrough improvements in performance.


Honest and trustworthy, honest and upright, open-minded in words and deeds.

1. Honesty, integrity and integrity.

2. Express your opinions accurately through the correct channels and processes. Express criticism

At the same time, he can make corresponding suggestions and speak out. ...

3. Do not spread unconfirmed news, do not discuss things and people irresponsibly behind their backs, and be able to guide positively, and "change if there is any opinion and feedback, and encourage if not." ...

4. Have the courage to admit mistakes, dare to take responsibility, and make corrections in time.

5. Correctly and effectively stop dishonest behaviors that harm the interests of the company.


Passionate, optimistic, optimistic, and never give up.

1. I like my job and identify with the corporate culture. 2. Love the company, take care of the overall situation, and do not care about personal gains and losses.

3. Facing daily work with a positive and optimistic attitude, never give up when encountering difficulties and setbacks, constantly self-motivation, and strive to improve performance. 4. Always influence and drive colleagues and the team with the spirit of optimism and the belief in victory. 5. Constantly set higher goals, today's best performance is tomorrow's minimum requirements.


Focus on dedication, professional perseverance, craftsman spirit.

1. Do not postpone today's things to tomorrow, and do not do things that have nothing to do with work during working hours. 2. Follow the necessary work procedures, and no repetitive errors caused by dereliction of duty.

3. Continuous learning, self-improvement, and doing things fully reflect the result-oriented approach. 4. Able to correctly prioritize work and do the right thing according to the priority. 5. Follow but not stick to the process, simplify the complexity, and obtain greater work results with less investment.