Complete Information Submission and Follow-up Services

Complete Information Submission and Follow-up Services

We will communicate with customers in time after loading the container to ensure that all information is transmitted without errors, to ensure that the shipment arrives at the port in time, and customs clearance is safe.

1. Document production

After completing the loading of the goods, we will complete the production of the corresponding documents in the first time to ensure that all information and all documents are consistent, and that the documents meet customer requirements.

2. Document submission

After the document is confirmed, we will send the document to the customer as soon as possible, so that the customer can take the next step. At the same time, we will also send the corresponding documents to the customs and logistics companies as soon as possible to facilitate the next logistics and transportation.

3. Powerful customs declaration

Our company has a wealth of customs declaration experience, and can quickly and safely declare various products.

4. Certification tracking

Our company will continue to track certification production and commodity inspection production, and complete the documents quickly and efficiently.

5. File transfer

Throughout the follow-up process, our company will continue to communicate with customers and quickly communicate documents.

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6. Real-time tracking throughout the process

Our company will continue to track the progress of all aspects and communicate with customers in a timely manner.

7. Timely customs clearance

After the goods arrive at the customs of the destination country, our company will contact and cooperate with the logistics company to clear customs in time.

8. After-sales service

We will continue to provide customers with after-sales service on products and services. Continuously optimize and customize products and services.