Advantage services and additional services

Advantage services and additional services

Product trend

Based on big data and actual shipment data, we will select best-selling products and hot-selling products that meet the market

New product recommendation and financial services

We will give customers all useful information about the product, and we will provide customers with good financial services

New product development

We have a professional team that will provide customers with sample design and packaging design that meet customer requirements

Suitcases & Bags

Brand building and agency promotion

We will tailor-make a customer-to-brand for our customers, and we will help our customers expand their businesses and become our agents. At the same time, we support the service of customer introduction rebates. Every time a customer is introduced, the commission will be returned to the introducing party after the customer's transaction.

Quality inspection

Our company supports all-round, meticulous, and quality inspection services at different times. According to the product elements, the quality inspection will be carried out in different time periods before the inquiry, during the inquiry, during the production, during the receipt, and during the loading.

FBA pre-service

For FBA customers, our company provides all-round support from product selection, packaging, production, quality inspection, warehousing, transportation, etc.

Dropshipping service

For Dropshipping customers, our company provides comprehensive support from product selection, packaging, production, quality inspection, warehousing, transportation, etc.

Photo and detailed drawing design

We will provide customers with professional product picture design and product detail drawing design. Customers do not need to buy samples and send them abroad for shooting. All actions can be completed in our company.

Quality levels knob button. Wireframe hand turning a quality level knob to the maximum position. Quality Improvement Concept. Vector illustration

Transportation and courier services

We have in-depth cooperation with many logistics companies. There are also a variety of logistics modes. For B2C and B2B customers, we can provide high-quality shipping, air, rail, truck, and express delivery.

Warehousing and consulting services

Our warehouse has a large space and detailed classification area. In the process of receiving the goods, many times the products do not arrive on the same day, our company can store and classify the products, and store the remaining goods. It also stores and classifies Dropshipping and FBA goods.